about my situation.

I am a happy woman these days. I “sparkle” people say. I have a smile on my face and I hold my head up high, I am dancing to manu chao and my back is hurting for jumping to much on the trampoline. For the first time ever I am truely in love with myself. I think that’s a really important thing for me – more crucial than I would have thought. I have trained to feel like a goddess – and it might sound stupid – but people – it works !

I am working on changing this blog to more outbursts instead of large blogposts =)

I have stopped being around people that are unchangeable and whom, on the contrary wants me to change everything about myself. Im not going to. Stop.

I am strongest being myself.

I am no longer doing any active salesbusiness for Toothless Tiger.
It has always been a playground for me – and will always be – clients will come because of interest and common ground – not by salesforce.

I have several cases that shows I am good at what I am doing – and I am really good at “not making companies look like asses online”. (thanks Peter– I use that one frequently).

I have two vacant weeks before I am starting my new job at FDIH as a project manager doing conferences and events. This I have filled up with more work with one of my favorite clientsРeven though I would rather call Andr̩ a strategic and creative playmate.

I am working with Laura Kiralfy on a project that excites me – and you will know more about later – it’s something completely different, yet still the same.

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